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About me

Meet Katrin

Katrin worked in different technology-oriented institutions in the fields of science communication and UX management, and organized ICT events and workshops for women and girls.

Katrin considers herself a maker, as she has already realized many different projects, including the crafting of her own furniture.

Currently, Katrin is working on the “TMBR Scooter”, a wooden e-scooter, with a focus on sustainability and local sources. Having received positive feedback at a manufacturing start-up hub, she joined a local network to continue her work in the Happylab, the local makerspace she is a member of. She also attended a course on bicycle mechatronic to better understand and design the TMBR Scooter and participated in the Founderslab of the Vienna Business Agency.

Get in Touch!

If you want to get more information about the project status, feel free to leave a message.